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We’ve been hard at work continuously improving access to quick and actionable data to improve the educational experience of every student. Let’s delve into some of our most recent updates that are here to facilitate a streamlined process for teachers. 

Improvements to Student Assessment Experience

We’ve augmented our accommodations capabilities to support all learners, introducing audio response question type that allows students to vocally respond to questions (Enterprise only) and featuring a Microsoft Immersive Reader integration.

Teachers can now offer students a choice of which calculator they want to use on assessments, including options for a basic, scientific, and Desmos calculator.

We recently introduced Video Quiz, a new video-based assessment format that allows teachers to turn their favorite videos into formative assessments. Built with Youtube Player for Education, students and teachers can enjoy an ad-free, and recommendation-free viewing experience that doesn’t distract students from learning. This feature is available to all teachers on paid plans, with a free trial running until September 30, 2023.

Soon, teachers will gain the ability to add and configure test sections in their assessments, thereby reflecting the testing experiences students may encounter in state tests.

Built-In Assessment Tools

Discover Edulastic’s newly introduced AI capabilities which are here to alleviate the stress of time-consuming aspects of assessment, letting you devote more time to what you love most – teaching.

  • Question Generator automatically generates a variety of question formats (True/False, multiple choice, multi-select) tailored to subject, standard, Depth of Knowledge (DOK), and difficulty level. Browse through a diverse set of questions, refine them, and incorporate them in your assessments as needed.
  • Assisted Rubrics generates rubrics for essay questions and even recommends grades, saving teachers hours of time manually grading assessments with rubrics. 

Users on Teacher Premium or school/district plans can explore these new AI capabilities for free until September 30, 2023, or add these functionalities via their Subscription settings page.

Refreshed Content 

We’ve added in new state standards where there have been updates and are currently incorporating the latest publicly-released state test content for practice sessions as they become available.

New Reports for Tracking Student Growth

We released two new reports designed to aid teachers in extracting valuable insights from their assessments:

  • With the Pre vs Post Report, teachers can compare performance across assessments, evaluate how students progress, gauge the lesson’s or intervention efficacy, and better understand student growth.
  • The Performance by Rubric Report allows teachers to analyze graded rubrics to see if students mastered the content and identify patterns and trends across classes, individuals, and categories. 

These reports are accessible to Teacher Premium and Enterprise users through the Insights page in the Standards Report tab.

A Comprehensive 360° View of Student Progress

The Data Studio allows teachers to juxtapose Edulastic assessment data with external data resources such as attendance records, diagnostic, and state assessments, fostering a proactive approach to support students who need it most.

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