Visualize progress, drive outcomes

Edulastic’s Data Studio gives educators a holistic view of learning to shape data-driven strategies for student success. See Edulastic reporting alongside third-party sources to inform MTSS planning at the district, school, and student level.


Bring insights to the surface — no deep-diving required

Easy-to-digest visual analysis

Analyzing complex data from all of your sources has never been more straightforward, with easy-to-read visuals and graphs to help you glean critical information at a glance.

Zoom in (or out) on trends

See how students are moving toward mastery and how your assessments lead to student achievements with data available by district, school, grade level, and even subject.

Get started with Data Studio to shape data-informed strategies for student success.


Gain critical insight for continuous improvement

All your key data in one view

Get insight into all attendance data, distribution of academic performance, standards mastery, and academic risk levels  — all in one easily accessible dashboard.

See assessment data over time, regardless of source

Proactively identify the strengths and needs of all students by viewing Edulastic data alongside third-party assessments over time. Filter reporting by schools, demographics, specific tests, and more to optimize data-driven decision-making.

360 view of student progress

Get a complete picture of a student’s learning journey with the Whole Learner Report. View academic data, attendance, and other markers, so you can provide proactive support to students who need it.

A plan for progress

School leaders can be more proactive in providing student support, and measuring related outcomes, with Data Studio.

  • Set academic and non-academic goals
  • Measure progress towards goals
  • Identify where students may need additional support
  • Create interventions and set related goals
  • Measure the efficacy of interventions

Provide proactive support

With Data Studio, school leaders can strengthen their early warning systems with comprehensive reports and plan valuable interventions that move student progress forward.

Ready to get started?

Edulastic’s Data Studio can be customized to fit the specific needs of your school or district. Reach out today to learn more and receive a quote.