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Get a complete picture of student progress

Edulastic’s Data Studio gives educators a holistic view of learning to shape data-driven strategies for student success.
See all of your data from Edulastic alongside third-party sources — including attendance, key assessments, and more — to inform multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS) planning at the district, school, and student level.

Best-in-class item banks and pre-built assessments

Deliver rigorous assessments and save time in the process! Work from premade assessment and item banks.

Created by our team of experts with decades of experience developing assessments for publishers, the Edulastic Certified item bank includes more than 20,000 items aligned to Common Core and many state standards in Math and ELA. The Edulastic Certified bank also contains questions from popular Open Educational Resources like Engage NY, PARCC, SBAC and state-released items. Learn More
Published by Key Data Systems, Inspect® includes more than 100,000 questions and 300 pre‐built assessments designed to emulate end‐of‐year, high‐stakes exams. Inspect® employs the most demanding item writing process in the industry to deliver rigorous, valid assessments accurately aligned to state and national college and career readiness standards. Learn More
Custom aligned to your district’s curriculum map, Spark includes 5 interim assessments in Math, ELA and Science for grades 3-12 that mirror the skills and format of your state standardized test. Learn More

We do the number crunching so you know how to improve learning.

With a full suite of pre-built, easy-to-read reports, Edulastic shows you whether you’re on track with achievement and growth, and where you need to intervene.

20+ standard reports

Growth and mastery measures

Building, teacher, class and student drill downs

Real-time data dashboard

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Get all of your data instantly. Anytime. Anywhere.

Bring all of your key performance data together in one place – from discipline to diagnostics to state test scores – along with your district benchmarks for a holistic view.

Early warning system

State test scores, diagnostics, SIS and more

Student subgroups: ELL, IEP, RTI and more

Custom reports and insights

Integrate with your LMS, SIS, and other favorite classroom tools.

Easy integrations keep everyone moving seamlessly from one task to the next.

Google, MS 365 and Clever single sign on

SIS and LMS integration

Google Classroom sync

Gradebook integration

Unify Teaching

Unify Teaching and Boost Collaboration

With Edulatic it’s easy to create and act on collective teaching and assessment goals across grades and schools. Create teacher groups, and utilize co-teacher and co-author features to facilitate collaboration among teachers. Compile items, assessments, and lessons in a common district library to unify efforts and create an internal item bank. Teamwork tools and collaboration features help everyone feel connected and save time!

Full-time support for you and your teachers

Our customer success and support teams get your school or district up and running quickly, and remain with you every step of the way.

Full Teacher Support

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