Instant data to drive instruction, for free!

Give grading and paperwork the boot

Auto-scoring for instant data to differentiate instruction

Track mastery of standards for every student

Measure progress over time

Download results to your gradebook


Eliminate student logins with Google Classroom sync

Syncing with Google Classroom allows you to share your Edulastic assignment right in students’ Classroom feed, cutting out several steps and passwords for them and you.

Technology-enhanced questions

Choose from our high-quality free question banks, create your own technology-enhanced questions, or mix and match!

50+ tech-enhanced question types

Share and collaborate with colleagues

Built-in authoring tool


Assessments from sources you can rely on

High-quality questions aligned to common core, NGSS, and state standards at all DOK levels, including performance tasks.

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Help students understand and retain more

Give students the tools to extend their thinking and explain their reasoning with Edulastic’s ScratchPad.

Freehand drawing

Text annotations

Lines, shapes & arrows


Make your test digital in a snap

Upload your existing PDF assessments and worksheets, create your answer key and let Edulastic do the grading.
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Complete training & support
To get you up and running quickly, we have How-To Videos, webinars and DIY training materials on our Teacher Training Hub and our YouTube Channel.

Up your digital assessment game with Teacher Premium

Teacher Premium makes Edulastic the only assessment tool you’ll need for formative and well as formal assessments.

In-depth data & analytics

Anti-cheating features

Collaboration with colleagues

Read Aloud & other student supports

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