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Expert-created, standards-aligned questions for all types of assessments, from formative to formal.

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Help students master the format of year-end state tests with technology-enhanced questions, including actual released items and practice tests from:


New assessment tools for teachers

Introducing Video Quiz, our exciting, new assignment format that turns your favorite YouTube videos into formative assessments. Questions are created by you or by A.I., then are simply placed on the video timeline. You can also see reports alongside other assessment results in Edulastic. It’s easy and engaging for both students and teachers alike.

Free, standards-aligned, Edulastic Certified questions

For formative assessments in the classroom, school or district, the Edulastic Certified item bank includes more than 20,000 standards-aligned questions from:
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  • Over 300 pre‐built assessments designed to emulate end‐of‐year, high‐stakes exams
  • Nationally normed and scaled scores to accurately measure progress.
  • Research-based, evidence-centered design.
  • Real-world situations to demonstrate application of concepts.
  • Categorized by DOK level Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy and mathematical practices
  • Adaptive platform for learning math.
  • Based on a sophisticated model of math skills including thousands of data points collected as students work.
  • Mirrors a human tutor.
  • Available for Middle School and High School (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II and Integrated Math I-III).

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