Purpose-Built to Support Assessment

Natively built in the Edulastic platform, these A.I. capabilities make creating and grading assessments easier than ever. 



Versatility and simplicity? No question

Now, you can automatically generate a variety of question formats (multiple choice, multi-select, True/False) tailored to subject, standard, Depth of Knowledge (DOK), and difficulty level. This feature increases individualized learning opportunities by helping you easily create differentiated assessments with a more diverse range of questions.


The new generation of rubrics

What took hours, now takes seconds. Our A.I. capabilities allow teachers to quickly and automatically generate grade- and subject-specific rubrics for essay questions, help recommend grades for rubric questions, and saves hours of time manually grading assessments with rubrics.


What educators are saying about using A.I. in Edulastic

AI Question Generation will allow me to differentiate instructional methods for students while ensuring I’m able to collect the formative data I need to make the next instructional decision.

Amy Ballard, Math Teacher and Instructional Coach at Brashier Middle College Charter High School, SC

The AI question generation will help me to create basic questions easily and seamlessly so that I can spend more time focusing on creating thought-provoking and enriching questions for my students.

Leah Caradonna, Math Teacher at Admiral Farragut, FL


We’re just getting started

At Edulastic, we’re always looking for new ways to help teachers do what they do best. Add “A.I. Suite” to your school’s account now. And keep an eye out for updates on how we plan to further leverage AI to assist students on their academic journeys.

Try for free today!

Any user on a Teacher Premium or school/district plan can trial our new A.I. capabilities for free through September 30, 2023. After this trial, individual, school, and district accounts can purchase these capabilities within the Subscription settings page. Not already using Edulastic? Start your free Teacher Premium Trial, or get in touch with our team about adding A.I. capabilities to your School or District account.