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We know that with many students to look after, as well as science labs and activities galore, science teachers are tight on time. And while making one’s own quizzes and assessments may be an ideal scenario to some, the reality is that finding great pre-made content can make all the difference in the world. In fact, it could even give you more time to set up your earth science lab or chemistry activity juuuust right.  To help relieve some of your work, we’ve rolled out SparkScience to give science instructors high-quality NGSS-aligned assessments to track students’ progress in science. 

The SparkScience assessment bundle will consist of playlists for elementary, middle, and high school levels. To start, we are proud to release SparkMath for middle school. 

Discover SparkScience content bundles

When you purchase SparkScience, you’ll find the content in the Playlist library, as the modules are arranged in Playlists so you can easily find assessments to go with the standards you’re teaching. This convenient packaging allows you to deliver the content and track student progress as they progress through the module. Playlist insights will clue you in to how students are performing as they advance in the learning content.

Each bundle is broken down into the different NGSS disciplines: Life Science, Earth, Space Science, Physical Science, and Engineering. When you purchase SparkScience you’ll have access to these modules which consist of over 1,000 standards-tied questions. You can use the questions already arranged in assessments and modules, or you can pull them from the item bank to construct your own quizzes, tests, or online worksheets. 

SparkScience questions range in ask and question type. Among the different questions, you’ll find Claim-Evidence-Reasoning(CER) performance tasks in the mix for Life Science and Earth science, and soon we’ll be adding CER for Physical Science too. This model of argumentation extends beyond students demonstrating recall, understanding, and application of learning topics, making it a fantastic way to evaluate and/or provide practice for critical thinking in science.

If you prefer to pick and choose content and customize what you assign your students, you can work with the SparkScience content from the Test Library. From there, you can selectively assemble and assign the specific portions you want to deliver to students. Or, you can mix SparkScience questions in with your own assessments. How you choose to assign or mix the content is up to you! 

How to get SparkScience

SparkScience content is available with Edulastic Teacher Premium. If you purchase the two together, it’s $150/year. If you already have Edulastic Teacher Premium and want to add SparkScience, it will be a $50/year add-on. Starting on Monday, March 15, 2021, head to the subscription center in your account to make the upgrade. Don’t have an Edulastic account yet? Sign up here. 

Curious about SparkScience and want to give it a try? You can activate a free 2-week trial in your subscription center in your account. No credit card needed. 

Once activated, you’ll have access to SparkScience content in your Playlist Library, Assessment Library, and Item Bank. From there you’ll be ready to assign pre-made robust NGSS-tied content to your students! 

If you are an administrator or school or district leader looking to get SparkScience for your science department, visit our SparkScience website to learn more and schedule a demo with our team. 

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