Edulastic is proud to offer a premium math practice program: SparkMath. SparkMath features more than 1,250 pre-built assignments that mirror state tests and contain technology enhanced items as well as DOK  levels 1 through 3. It provides you with curriculum-aligned differentiated math practice, arranged in modules, to give to students. Gone are the days when you have to scramble to develop or find high-quality math content. Now, if you are in charge of math instruction for students anywhere from kindergarten through precalculus, you have SparkMath to lean on. 

Webinar: Get an Overview of SparkMath

Tune in to learn more about SparkMath! We will walk you through everything you’ll need to know to make the most of SparkMath during this 30-minute event. You’ll learn about the SparkMath item bank, how it complements popular math curriculum, and you’ll see the automatic differentiation tool in action.

Make sure you activate your 60-day SparkMath trial by September 30th! To active the trial, head over to the subscription area in your Edulastic account.

Get to Know SparkMath

SparkMath playlists for students.
SparkMath offers learning modules that match your grade and curriculum.

Have you ever wondered what to do with your students once you get their formative assessment results back? No need to scratch your head on that thought any more. Once students complete their work, SparkMath helps you decide what to do next. The program’s technology suggests review work, practice work, or challenge work based on student results.

While you might find some programs that come as-is, SparkMath is different. You can work with the assessments already in the program, or you can add your own assessments and content. As the instructor, you are always in control– you make the ultimate decision on what students complete next.

Here’s how it works:

Log into your Edulastic account and click on the SparkMath tab on your left-side menu. From there you can locate the modules for your grade level. The modules come in playlists that contain topic quizzes and end-of-unit assessments for each curriculum module. When you assign students the module work, you’ll have the ability to establish your desired test settings and then you’ll assign the assessments to students. 

SparkMath analysis for differentiated work.
After students complete work, SparkMath recommends next steps.

As students complete their math practice, SparkMath gives you a window into each student’s mastery of standards and provides recommendations for review, practice, or challenge work for each student. As the instructor, you can choose the recommendations or customize the next steps as you’d like! You can even set up additional learning resources in the form of documents or links to support the growth of student understanding.

Unlock a 60-Day Trial of SparkMath

You can now try out SparkMath for a 60-day free trial. This is a special 2022 back-to-school offer is 46 days longer than the usual 2-week trial that is available, so take advantage of this opportunity today! To active the trial, head over to the subscription area in your Edulastic account.

To get there, when you are logged in, click on the circle in the lower-left corner of the screen (it will be a circle with your initials or profile picture) Then choose “Subscriptions” from the menu that appears. Click on the button that says “Start a Trial” to activate your 60-day trial. No credit card needed! 

SparkMath is a $100/yr add-on to a Teacher Premium account.

New to Edulastic? Sign up for your free Edulastic Teacher account and then activate your SparkMath trial in the subscription area.

Hey school and district leaders! Visit the SparkMath homepage to learn more or sign up for a demo to see how it can power math instruction at your school or district.