Welcome to the 2020-21 Edulastic Innovator Spotlight Series! This interview series highlights forward-thinking, passionate educators on the Edulastic Innovator Team. Every post will contain an insightful and fun interview that brings you into the learning arena of a forward-thinking educator.  You’ll learn tips and insights about how they navigate education and instruction; you’ll find inspiration and ideas in each post. You can find new Innovator Spotlight blog posts once a month on this page, and we will continue to update the page as new features are published. 

Edulastic Innovator Spotlights feature teachers, school leaders, district leaders, tech coaches, instructional leads, and everything in between! While each Innovator has a unique story to tell, they all have at least one thing in common—they all use Edulastic to drive instruction, improve teaching, and help students succeed. 

Each spotlight aims to open the window into the lives of a savvy, forward-thinking educator. We ask them how they use Edulastic and to share some Edulastic #BestKeptSecrets. We also ask them to share their favorite Edulastic assignment.  To add a personal twist, each educator also shares fun facts such as favorite movies and favorite books.

These educators—no matter the background—are dedicated to impacting their students’ lives and making a difference with the help of digital assessment. We hope these spotlights inspire you, as they have inspired us! 

Edulastic Innovator Spotlights

Math Teachers

Martin Nwaokoye | Middle School Head and Math Teacher

📍 Nigeria

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