Get to know Martin Nwaokoye

Introducing Edulastic Innovator Spotlight member Martin Nwaokoye! Martin is a math teacher and middle school head in Benin, Edo State, Nigeria. He uses Edulastic to incorporate various learning gadgets in the classroom. With 19 years of working in education, Martin has lots of wisdom and experience to share! Get to know Martin and his Edulastic story, as well as some fun facts below.

What is your Edulastic story?

My former Principal Karen Delgado gave staffs at my faculty a list of resources online to check-out as she does from time to time, Edulastic was one of them, I checked it out, learnt how to use it and was convinced it was useful to use in class, never seen such a tool in my whole life, I shared it with some of my colleagues and eventually was privileged to share it (Edulastic) also to about 300 teachers drawn from both state and private schools in a statewide teachers conference.

What tips do you have for teachers that are new to Edulastic?

I would suggest teachers who are new to Edulastic go with the SNAPQUIZ tech-enhanced type. It’s so easy and fun to create and administer. It’s like having your normal assessment in a digital form.

What is your teaching philosophy?

Teaching is learning twice for me and there are so many ways to solve a problem, but I always adopt the method with the greatest chance for success.

What inspired you to work in education?

Learning math was not so easy for me as a child, I told myself I needed to make learning math simple so I opted to get a degree in math Education from Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo State, Nigeria, after which I went further to obtain a masters degree in Industrial mathematics.

What do you love about Edulastic?

I love everything about it, all the features are mind-blowing and fantastic! I use it for assessments especially when I really want my students to do something different from the normal, students love using gadgets to learn.

Share an #Eduvictory from the past year.

I have had a couple of #Eduvictories but of all was when all my colleagues chose Edulastic for Exams, we had two other alternatives, and Google form was one, but everyone wanted the BEST. EDULASTIC was OUR best option.

Fun Facts

What subjects do you use Edulastic for?


Favorite subject or lesson to teach?

Math (Algebra)

Favorite movie?

Any science fiction and action movie.

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