In today’s data-driven educational landscape, tools that enable real-time student progress monitoring and foster a culture of data awareness are more than just beneficial — they’re essential. 

Edulastic’s Live Class Board is a feature that offers educators a panoramic view of their class’s performance during live tests or assignments. This feature provides a real-time, complete picture of student achievement, allowing for active, automated data analysis and proactive feedback and redirection from classroom educators during a testing scenario. 

Individual student scores are shown as an interactive card below a bar graph that provides a visualization of the whole class’s performance. The individual student cards allow educators to examine each student’s responses, offer direct feedback, and tailor learning to individual needs. 

Additionally, teachers have the option to share real time results with their class by switching to Present Mode. In this mode, student names are anonymized, allowing educators to project the performance display to the class without fear of revealing students’ grades to the entire class. This real-time data visualization encourages engaging and reflective learning experiences for the whole class by allowing teachers to pause a test and revisit a key standard. 

From the Classroom: Harnessing the Power of Live Class Board

We had the immense pleasure to speak with Kimberly Wolf, a high school mathematics teacher at Clear Brook High School in Texas, about her experience using Live Class Board in her classroom. 

The Live Class Board helps Wolf ensure her students stay engaged during summative bellringer exercises, practice tests, and quizzes. She actively tracks student progress during an activity using the feature. This real-time supervision allows her to walk around the classroom, offer individualized support, and motivate students to complete their tasks.

Wolf doesn’t stop at observing. She uses the data derived from the Live Class Board to understand what her students have mastered and where they need additional reinforcement before proceeding with the day’s lesson. This feature aids in setting clear performance expectations for her students, allowing them to understand what they need to focus on.

Furthermore, Wolf effectively uses the Live Class Board feature to go over student data, helping her identify which questions posed difficulties and which content needs reviewing. This data then informs her weekly formative checks, ensuring students have truly grasped a concept before moving on.

For educators in Texas, aligning lesson content with Texas standards is vital. Wolf does exactly this, aligning each question with a specific Texas standard and then using the Live Class Board to measure classroom and individual student progress against these standards. The ability to showcase this data at IEP meetings and predict how her students will perform on the STAAR test makes the Live Class Board an invaluable tool in Wolf’s teaching toolkit.

We are incredibly grateful to Kim for sharing her experience and the innovative ways she’s using the Live Class Board in her classroom. Her dedication to data-driven instruction is truly inspiring. Thank you, Kimberly, for your commitment to enhancing education and for your invaluable contributions to our Edulastic community. Your efforts are shaping the future of learning in profound ways.

Accessing Live Class Board

Accessing the Live Class Board is seamless. From the assignments board on Edulastic, educators can select the desired assignment and click on the Live Class Board icon under “actions.” The feature presents a live-updating bar graph, providing a visual track of student progress. It also enables educators to delve into each question and gauge class performance, helping highlight specific areas needing improvement.

Importantly, the Live Class Board can be accessed anytime – during or post-assessment – empowering educators with ongoing analysis and informed decision-making for lesson planning.

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