About the Author: My name is Andrew Busie and I am 6th grade Math Teacher at Philadelphia Elementary School in Philadelphia Tennessee. We are a part of one of the best school districts in East Tennessee! Loudon County has it going on and I get to work with the best educators every day! I have been teaching 6th grade Math in Loudon county for 8 years. 

Discovering Edulastic

I have been using Edulastic now for about five years. A colleague had recommended it to me when I was looking for more rigorous test questions. I soon fell in love with the program, how easy and how spot on the questioning matched the state standards. 

My school went 1 to 1 with technology two years ago and I was able to start using the online platform to assess my students. I fell in love with using Edulastic all over again. I use Edulastic for formative and summative assessments two to three times a week and the amount of standards-based data I’ve been able to accumulate and monitor is second to no other program I have used in the past. 

The first question I ask any other fellow educator in any collaborative setting is “Are you using Edulastic?” I want any and everyone to be able to benefit from the Edulastic experience! I have always used data to drive instruction in my classroom and being able to assess my students and create data in Excel has enabled me to drill down on specific weak areas for my students and my own instruction like never before! 

A leg up on the state test

I am a data junkie, and I was curious to know how well my students performed by standard cluster compared to how they performed on the same clusters on the TNReady assessment. I discovered that my students’ data from Edulastic was within 2% of how well they did on TNReady. Isn’t every teacher looking for an assessment, a program, or some magical revelation of how to see how their students are going to do before they take a high-stakes test? Well here is your magical revelation: The answer to that question is Edulastic.

The user friendly standard search allows me to be extremely intentional with creating standards-based assessments and to be able to help struggling students and adjust my instruction to better fit their needs. Edulastic is an excellent facilitator for growth and achievement. If I am absent from school for whatever reason I can even monitor my students work remotely and redirect them as needed. 

The Best Test Simulator for High Stakes Testing

I have never come across an elite program like Edulastic before, and to top it off, It’s FREE to educators. I used the free program last year, but this year I upgraded to the premium. The free program is amazing, but the premium package is an absolute game changer! 

I’m so thankful for this platform and all of the support that I receive from their team. Edulastic is hands down the best test simulator available for high stakes testing. My students are more prepared and achieving better than ever. If you are not using this product then you have no idea what you and your students are missing out on!