Educators all over the country use Edulastic to power assessments in their classrooms.

Over the past few years, Edulastic has grown in popularity as a top digital assessment platform, rising from its launch in 2014 to an active community of over 26,000 schools and over 2.6 million students. Edulastic provides robust free and premium options that improve K-12 education for teachers, administrators, and students everywhere. 

More and more educators choose Edulastic as their digital assessment tool because it saves them time and adds value to their classrooms. We turned to what educators nationwide were saying to sum up the top 10 reasons teachers are using Edulastic.

With features like an auto-grading system, instantaneous data results, and data analytics, Edulastic helps you save time and gain deeper insights into student progress. (Edulastic saved teachers over 274 YEARS of grading over the ’20-21′ school year alone.) Furthermore, the variety of tech-enhanced question types beyond simple multiple-choice questions provides students with preparation for state standardized tests. Edulastic has a variety of features that can help you make your teaching more efficient and impactful, no matter what you teach.

If you teach Social Studies, ELA, Math, Science, or another subject, you’ll find that Edulastic has useful features specifically tailored for your classroom. For math, there are graphing options and calculators. ELA tools include passage-based questions and sentence-editing question types to name a few. So if you teach a particular subject or know of a teacher who might be looking for tools for their classroom, we encourage you to check out and share the posts below!

Discover why teachers of all subjects love Edulastic:

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