Edulastic’s Multipart question items to the rescue! These question types are the superheroes of technology-enhanced items (TEIs), with interactive mix and match elements applicable to any grade or subject. 

There are two types of Multipart items: Combination Multipart and Math, Text & Dropdown. Combination Multipart questions allow you to combine any of Edulastic’s technology-enhanced items into one question with a Part A and Part B. With Math, Text & Dropdown, you can mix and match four response methods into one question. Text Input and Text Dropdown elements focus on ELA skills and formatting, while Math Input and Math w/unit features allow you to incorporate math responses. The creative boundaries are endless!

Multipart items are versatile, interactive, and creative; you get all the pedagogical benefits of Edulastic’s question types all in one place! Check out these items below, or view all of the 50 question items Edulastic has to offer.

Combination Multipart

What it is: Combination Multipart questions are an all-in-one TEI! This question type is just what it sounds like: you may add any Edulastic question types to the item. With over 50+ question types available to mix and match, Combination Multipart is truly versatile and interactive!

How to use it: Test students’ understanding of one concept through various question forms, or combine various concepts for a thorough knowledge-check! Use this TEI for any subject or grade level.

Math, Text & Dropdown

What it is: This question type allows you to mix multiple response methods into one question while including math specific units and symbols. Math, Text & Dropdown TEIs evaluate your students’ knowledge of grammar and sentence structure and offer fill-in-the-blanks for math-specific answers. When building the TEI, you may select different response elements (Text Input, Text Dropdown, Math Input, Math w/unit) to embed into the question. Each section of the TEI will have a corresponding area for you to insert the correct answer and answer options. 

How to use it: Math, Text, & Dropdown questions are great for math teachers of any grade level. You can ask your students multiple questions at one time.

Both Math, Text & Dropdown and Combination Multipart include various elements from the other TEIs. Challenge your students by mixing and matching concepts and question types. With so many combination options, you can never go wrong with Edulastic’s Multipart TEIs. 

Ready to dive in? Check out the Edulastic Question Type Showcase to discover over 50+ interactive question types that you can add to your multipart questions.

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