We know what students need to learn, and we purposefully plan lessons that will allow that learning to take place. But how do we know if students have truly absorbed what they need to understand at the end of each day?

The answer is one word: Assessment. At the classroom level, teachers use formal and informal formative assessment strategies to provide feedback to students, parents and caregivers, and other educators about student learning progress.

Edulastic, a digital assessment platform, provides teachers and students with meaningful assessment experiences in many forms.

Utilizing Edulastic as a means to deliver daily, low-stakes formative assessments through the use of exit tickets is a great way to prepare students for the demands of 21st-century education. In this “How-To” demonstration, I will provide you with six simple steps to guide you as you create your own digital exit ticket using the Edulastic platform from start to finish.

Step 1: Select the “Create from Scratch” Option

Step 2: Name Your Digital Exit Ticket

Choose a “Test Name” for your exit ticket. Use a naming convention that makes sense to you and your students. Remember, you may want to find the activity again later, so be sure to fill in the appropriate boxes. After you have a solid naming convention, type the assessment name (Test Name) where prompted (see red arrow in image).

Step 3: Select One Question Type for Your Digital Exit Ticket

Step 4: Begin to Author Your Digital Exit Ticket Question

The platform is user-friendly and allows for editing, item improvement, and more. Within these boxes, you can type out or copy and paste your content.

The toolbar allows for choice in regards to format, style, and the ability to add additional materials like multimedia.

Step 5: Add MetaData to Align with Standard(s) Being Assessed for the Day

Now that you are finished writing/designing your assessment, I recommend taking the test yourself in student preview mode to check for errors and ensure proper functionality of the item(s).

Step 6: Publish and Assign Your Digital Exit Ticket

About the Example Activity. . .

The digital exit ticket pictured throughout this blog has a depth-of-knowledge level of 3 (DOK 3) and would be ideal to assign at the end of class after reading and discussion about the text.

Interested in another subject? Search “Exit Ticket” in the test library to browse the collection!

About the Author

Samantha Shaffner is the Coordinator of Assessment and Accountability at Pickerington Local School District in Pickerington, OH. During her 16 years in education, Samantha has served in the roles of assistant principal, district coordinator, ELA teacher, curriculum designer, content developer, presenter, trainer, and student advocate.

With many years of successful experience in the EdTech space as trainer, presenter, content creator, and author, Edulastic is excited to have Samantha as one of the first members in its new teams of Edulastic Coaches (certified content specialist) and Edulastic Creators (certified assessment designer). Samantha continues her research/writing and content development (specifically in the areas of assessment, blended learning, and data literacy), and is a true advocate for all students.

Samantha’s Recommended Resources

Check out the Edulastic YouTube channel with how-to demonstrations on specific steps regarding the ways you can supercharge your student’s experiences with assessments by leveraging multimedia to provide another pathway for learning that allows for students to all have a fair and equitable experience with the activity and master the learning targets as individual learners and as student cohorts.

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