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Data can reshape the core of decision-making in K-12 education, promising a path to more personalized learning and smarter resource allocation. However, navigating this data-driven environment can be a daunting task. 

How can schools ensure they are data-ready and bolster educators across all tiers to comprehend and employ data effectively?

To answer this question and provide resources to help schools on their journey to data readiness, we created Edulastic’s data guide, “Empowering K-12 Schools Through Data Readiness”.

From data to decisions

This guide is more than just an explainer; it’s a hands-on manual offering actionable steps, including:

  • Preparing your data team
  • Establishing a culture of data transparency
  • Aligning systems and leadership
  • Choosing the right tools for data analysis and usage
  • Nine steps to data transparency 
  • Ready-to-use procurement rubric to vet data tools 
  • How to turn raw data into actionable steps with Edulastic’s Data Studio 

Ready to turn the page on your school’s data journey? Click to access the full PDF and start transforming your school’s approach to data today.

Empowering K-12 Schools Through Data Readiness Data Guide

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