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Lighthouse Award: Somerville Schools Recognized for Academic Achievements

July 31, 2019
The Somerville school district is one of nine school districts and two charter schools statewide that have earned the designation of Lighthouse District awarded annually by the NJ Department of Education for substantial improvement in academic achievement.

Take Two: Clever’s Newest Effort to Help Teachers Try Before They Buy Edtech

By Tony WanJune 24, 2019
There are at least two truisms when it comes to education technology: 1. Teachers don’t always use what their district purchase. And 2: Many scour the web to find tools to use on their own—often without the knowledge or approval of school leaders.

11 EdTech Tools That Make Formative Assessment a Breeze

By Matthew LynchJune 19, 2017
Formative assessment is a chance for teachers to put their creative and evaluative skills to the test. Formative assessment occurs during a learning situation. For example, while reading a short story, a teacher might want to check for understanding by asking questions focused on the topic of concern.

Carnegie Learning Expands Assessment Offerings with More Summative Options Through Edulastic

January 20, 2017
Carnegie Learning, Inc. announced today a collaboration with Edulastic, an online assessment platform that provides educators additional ways to assess learning and measure student progress. Carnegie Learning customers now have additional flexibility to add summative assessments to complement the formative assessment built into the MATHia software.

5 Free Tools To Help Formatively Assess Students

by GPB Media/NPRAugust 25, 2016
Assessments are important means for educators to gauge the knowledge and comprehension of their students. Unlike summative assessments, which occur during the end of a lesson, formative ones help determine students’ comprehension, strengths, and weaknesses in tandem with instruction. Here are five tools that can assist with receiving informative feedback in the classroom…Continue Reading

KTVU Talks about Edulastic Resource for Teachers and Administrators

by KTVUMay 18, 2016
Brittany Reeser, Director of Mathematics at Stem-Prep Schools, talks to Keba Arnold at KTVU about how Edulastic help students take charge of their own learning in her high school…Watch Video

The Educational Evolution: Paper to Digital Assessment

by Scholastic BlogMay 6, 2016
‘We’ve obviously seen major changes in state standardized testing over the past couple of years—new standards, new online methods, and new question formats. These changes have pushed many districts to put more devices in the classroom and move their interim formative assessments online. So, how’s it going?’…Continue Reading

Edulastic Joins Google for Education Partner Program.

by Herald & NewsApril 17, 2016
‘The real-time data that it provides is more efficient for the teacher which in turn makes a better learning environment for the students because we can dedicate more time teaching as opposed to trying to analyze the data, grade the data and develop a new approach — whereas that’s done instantly through Edulastic.’…Continue Reading

Edulastic Joins Google for Education Partner Program.

by Tech & LearningApril 5, 2016
Edulastic, the next-generation online assessment platform for K-12 teachers and administrators, announced that they have become a Google for Education Partner. The Google for Education Partner Program recognizes Partner technologies that complement and extend Google for Education products…Continue Reading

App of the Week: Formative Assessment for Common Core.

by eSchool NewsMarch 21, 2016
Edulastic is a Web-based platform designed to help teachers assess and monitor students as they work toward mastery of the Common Core standards. Currently, the site provides math content for grades 5-8, with more math, ELA, and science to come. The program is free and easy to use…Continue Reading

Edulastic, Key Data Systems give educators new classroom performance tools.

by eSchool NewsFebruary 16, 2016
Edulastic, a next-generation online assessment platform for K-12 teachers and administrators, has formed a new partnership with Key Data Systems to make the Inspect item bank available to Edulastic District Enterprise users. The alliance allows Edulastic to expand its customizable assessment platform, offering teachers an expansive library of science, math and language assessments designed to…Continue Reading

Eliminating Tests Through Continual Assessment.

by The EdvocateFebruary 1, 2016
Educators have been working on the transition to the new Common Core State Standards over the past 4-5 years. But last year’s final implementation step – administering the standardized tests meant to ascertain whether students met the more rigorous standards – has caused enough controversy to undo that work, overturning the standards themselves in some states…Continue Reading

North College Hill City School District uses online platform to alleviate Common Core testing woes.

by ABC CincinnatiDecember 17, 2015
CINCINNATI – North College Hill schools had a problem: While Common Core testing was moving online teachers faced a dearth of online-based preparation tools. They opted instead for traditional pencil-and-paper testing…Continue Reading

Improving Education with Edulastic

by Just My MemphisNovember 12, 2015
JustMyMemphis interviewed Leslie Tyler of Edulastic to discuss the program’s initiative to improve education standards across the country. Leslie Tyler is Vice President of Marketing at Edulastic, a platform for personalized formative assessment for K-12 students, teachers and school districts…Continue Reading

Edulastic District Enterprise launched for school administrators.

by District AdministrationNovember 10, 2015
Edulastic, one of the most popular formative assessment tools for teachers, announced the launch of Edulastic District Enterprise, a premium version of the software platform designed specifically for district and school administrators. Edulastic is a next-generation online assessment platform that allows K-12 teachers to track students’ progress toward Common Core State Standards…Continue Reading

Ready for the New School Year? Get on Top of These Four Edtech Teaching Trends.

by EdSurgeAugust 15, 2015
The power of edtech is defined by what great teachers can do with the technology. Educators who transform classroom learning experiences are changing how they plan, communicate, provide feedback, and collaborate with their students. All of this is thanks to some powerful and clever edtech tools and resources…Continue Reading

Edulastic’s New Common Core Formative Assessment Tool Helps K-12 Educators Prepare for Upcoming Mid-Year Assessments.

by iReachFebruary 3, 2015
With Edulastic, teachers can minimize test-day anxiety by familiarizing their students with the Common Core-aligned assessment formats. New features just added to Edulastic match the rigor and advanced experience demanded by the PARCC and Smarter Balanced assessments…Continue Reading

Using Technology-Enhanced Items Effectively to Close Student Achievement Gaps.

by GettingSmartJanuary 17, 2015
Don’t you think it’s time we retired those Scantron machines? Since the 70s, they’ve been trusted in hundreds of school districts across the country to tally the scores of students who filled pink ovals with #2 pencils…Continue Reading

S’Cool Tools of the Week.

by EdSurgeOctober 2, 2015
Edulastic – Free! Want to track your students’ progress towards Common Core standards? Edulastic lets you tailor assessments to your classroom, creating your own questions or drawing from thousands of standards-aligned options created by other teachers…Continue Reading


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