How Edulastic Helps Student To Prepare for New York State Regents Exams

What is the New York Regents Test?

New York Regents Tests are administered to New York students pursuing a high school diploma. Students are expected to pass the New York state regents exam before they can be awarded a diploma. Subjects in these assessments include mathematics, english, science and social studies. Students are required to pass at least five examinations in core subject areas meaning one has to sit for an additional 5th Regents exam which can be an extra english, science, mathematics or social studies exam. Alternatively, a 5th regents exam can also be 1 CTE (Career and Technical Education) exam or 1 non-English language exam (choose from Spanish, French, German, Hebrew, Latin and Italian).
The New York State Education Department (NYSED) is responsible for developing and administering Regents exams. New York’s Board of Regents are responsible for the overall supervision and management of the exams. The purpose of Regents exams is to test student skills and knowledge from each subject and whether the outcome meets the set academic standards. In addition, these exams measure teacher and student effectiveness by providing feedback on both strong and weak areas that need extra focus.

Background of New York Regents Test

The first Regents Exam was administered in 1866 with the examination system expanded to include the curricular taught in New York’s secondary schools. In 1878, New York Regent tests were for the first time offered as high school end-of-course examinations. Initially, Regents Exams covered five subjects: Latin, Algebra, Natural Geography, American History and Natural Philosophy. However in 1879, the State Education Department increased the number of examinable subjects to 42 with tests being administered in February, June and November.
Between the 1920s and 1930s Agricultural Science, Salesmanship and Costume Draping which are vocational education courses were added to Regent exams. Later in the 1970s, Regent tests had been transformed to adapt to the changes in the high school curriculum leading to the discontinuation of vocational tests. Over the years, numerous developments and changes were introduced in the assessment framework. The new face of Regent tests was comprehensive examinations that combined numerous tests as opposed to previous single tests. In 2015, New York administered the first online based standardized tests.

New York Regents Test Window, Test Duration and Exam Format

Students are encouraged to be exposed to as many practice questions for the New York State Regents exam as possible to be sufficiently prepared for the examinations. The New York State Regents exam is administered 3 times annually; in January, June and August. Most of the exams are available for testing in January and June but there are some that can be taken in August. The New York State Regents exam sessions typically take 3 hours aside from the Earth Science test that has a laboratory test session which lasts approximately lasts 41 minutes and is administered 2-3 weeks before the main written exam.
The format of New York Regent Tests consists of a combination of different kinds of questions. Questions include multiple-choice where students choose a response from the provided options, essay questions that require in-depth and long responses as well as open ended questions where students are expected to demonstrate how they arrived at a given answer.
Other question types in Regent include constructed and extended constructed. Constructed are response where students have to formulate hypotheses, construct graphs, evaluate experimental designs or arrive at conclusions after analyzing given data. Extended constructed are questions that students respond to by using their reasoning skills and applying their skills and knowledge in relation to real-world scenarios.

Skills Students Need to Take New York State Regents Exam

Since 2015 when New York State Regents was first administered online, computer-based tests have taken over. Edulastic recognizes the need to offer a robust and practical student online assessment platform with practice questions for the New York State Regents exam. Students are expected to be technology compliant at the time of taking these tests thus the need for them to nurture and regularly practice their technology skills and how to use various gadgets used in a real exam session.
Edulastic offers a modern online practice platform that enables students to develop fundamental tech skills such as how to effectively use a keyboard as well as the role of various keyboard functions and commands. Additionally, students learn important technical maneuver skills such as drag and drop, fill tables, select and deselect and use of calculators among others. In addition, New York State Regent exam practice helps students get familiarized with using tech gadgets such as tablets, laptops, computers and ipads thus greatly boosting their exam confidence levels.

Instructional Topics or Areas to Cover During the Year

There are many subject areas that teachers need to focus on while preparing their students for New York State Regents exam. Some of the areas worth noting for English include Comprehensive English and English Language Arts- Common Core. Geometry and Algebra I both Common Core and Algebra II or Trigonometry are key areas for Mathematics. Science areas include Physical Setting/ Chemistry, Physical Setting/Earth Science, Physical Setting/ Physics and Living Environment. Social Studies topics include United States History and Geography as well as Global History and Geography.
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