Your Distance Learning Toolkit

Dozens of tools in our free teacher version help you teach from home effectively, like integration with Google video class and real-time student engagement data. Create a video lesson and embed it into an assignment for an easy virtual lesson that students can access on any device.

Premium teachers can create assignment playlists for students to complete at their own pace and access secure testing capbilities like browser lockdown and shuffle questions and answers.

  • Embed Videos and Multimedia
  • Live Teach via Google Video Class
  • Students use any device
  • Upload a PDF with Guided Notes
  • Paper assignment options
  • Secure Remote Testing
Introduction to Ratios
The Girl Who Hated books
Christa isenburg
Green Eggs Solubility Activity
Jen lee

Premade and Ready to Assign

Explore engaging eLearning lessons that you can quickly and easily assign to your students, or create your own by making a short instructional video and adding some checks for understanding to it. You’ll be able to see how long each student spent on the lesson and have more than 30 question types to engage students in responding.

Tips for Successful Distance Learning

Learn from educators experienced in distance learning how to build lessons, connect with students and check on progress. Presenters teach math, ELA and science from elementary through high school and college.

Additional Distance Learning Resources

How to create and deliver digital lessons

A step-by-step guide to building effective online lessons in Edulastic.

Edulastic 101 Webinar

If you’re new to Edualstic, get a walkthrough in our 101 webinar.

Distance Learning for Grades K-2 with Edulastic

Distance learning presents unique challenges for younger learners. Find tips and strategies for supporting K-2 students in a remote setting.