Edulastic and Google Classroom pack the punch.Edulastic and Google Glassroom Logos

We’ll say it straight up. Edulastic and Google Classroom are the ultimate edtech power pack. Google Classroom manages the students, resources, and communication while Edulastic provides the assessment management, content, and instant feedback for students and teachers alike. This power duo enables teachers to feasibly charge through instruction units with composure and celerity.

With single sign-on, the combo really packs the punch. Students don’t even need to bother logging into a whole other system- they just click on the assessment link and get started. The process is seamless. You can check out Edulastic (#11) on Shake Up Learning’s list of top apps that integrate with Google Classroom.

Easy to use and time-saving

It’s easy for teachers too. Again, Google Classroom does a stellar job as a central hub for students, especially when the whole school is on board with Gmail accounts. If you are already using Google Classroom, Edulastic takes everything a step further with the integrated assessment. On Edulastic, not only are the tests and quizzes autograded, but the tests and quizzes can contain questions made up of over 30 Technology-Enhanced Items.


Have we mentioned? The interface saves teachers time.  Teachers can automatically sync students, use single sign-on, and benefit from the Edulastic autograde feature. All that plus the immediate data and reports provides additional time for hands-on instruction. Plus, with the reporting features, it’s easy to pinpoint areas where mastery lacked and additional instruction is needed. What would you do with all that extra time? This teacher used it to take a selfie!

Betty Scola of Waterford Township recently described the ease of the duo for both teachers and students, “I love the interface between Google Classroom and Edulastic.  No worries about forgetting kids. Just type in the class code and you are set to go.  If a new student comes, just resync and presto they are there.  When multiple teachers are involved, students can easily find their work because every class in the school is using the same method of entering students.  And students simply need to sign in with Google.  It couldn’t be easier.”

Twitter Reviewers Rave About the Dynamic Duo (Google Classroom and Edulastic, that is)

Have we mentioned yet that all of these apps are free? Pair them up to create your toolkit and enjoy the ability to find or create lessons for your students. We’ve seen some good feeback from teachers on Twitter. (If you’re on Twitter, follow us! We’d love to connect with you. )



Try it out

Well, have you given it a try? Head on over to the website to sync your accounts and find out how powerful these tools can be for the blended learning initiatives in your classroom.

Batman and Superman

We might even go so far to say, the one two punch that Edulastic and Google Class bring are equivalent to the incredible strength that Batman and Superman offer when they team up. 🙂 Get started by connecting your accounts!