Discover the best ways to deliver engaging assessments and get immediate feedback with Edulastic and Google Classroom. During this event, you’ll learn how to craft robust, standards-tied custom assessments and choose from a large database of questions on Edulastic. Google Classroom, a popular LMS choice for teachers and students, integrates seamlessly with Edulastic to provide a simple way to share assessments and communicate with students. This webinar will show you ways to operate effectively at school and better support student progress through these two powerful education technology tools.

In this webinar, you hear from three educators who are using Edulastic and Google Classroom to rock the test in their classrooms. Whether you use one or both or none of these free-for-teachers education technologies, you’re likely to come away with new ideas, tools, and inspiration.


Rock the Test with Edulastic & Google Classroom

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Meet the Speakers

This webinar is a part of the 2019 Fall Teacher Talk Webinar Series featuring educators from around the country who use Edulastic to power their instruction. From math teachers to tech specialists to school administrators, these educators are full of talent and are excited to share their knowledge and experience with you!

Katrina Golden

Elementary School Computer Literacy Teacher
Baton Rouge, LA

My name is Katrina Golden, and I became a teacher in 2008 through the Louisiana Resource Center for Educators (LRCE) alternative certification program. I taught Middle School ELA for ten years, and I transitioned into the Computer Lab Facilitator in August 2018.  I have found my niche…Education and Technology.  I became aware of Edulastic during the 2017-2018 school year.  I am a member of the Edulastic Innovator Team, and I am working on my Edulastic Certification. 

Karen Hernandez

High School Math Teacher
Coachella, CA

Karen C. Hernandez received her Bachelor of Science from La Sierra University. During her time there she worked for RCOE and decided to go into the education field. She pursued her teaching credential from the University of Redlands while at the same time working for CVUSD as a substitute teacher to gain experience in the classroom. Later she pursued her M.Ed and administrative credential. She’s been working for DSUSD at Shadow Hills High School for the past 8 years.

Nerissa Gerodias

High School Math Teacher
San Jose, CA

My name is Nerissa Gerodias, and I’m from San Jose, California. This school year, I am very excited to work with all my colleagues in our Math Department to create common assessments using Edulastic.

Meet the Host

Ileana Betancourt

Marketing Manager @Edulastic

Ileana has worked in education, connecting educators to great resources since 2010. Prior to being at Edulastic, she worked with the education program at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology where she managed marketing, content development, and delivered over 75 professional development workshops and presentations for educators nationwide. Ileana has a Digital Media Certificate from the Berkeley Advanced Media Institute and her bachelors degree from Cornell University.

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