Edulastic’s passage type question is great for teachers and students alike! Whether you teach ELA, Science, Social Studies, or other subjects, passage-based questions in Edulastic allow you to provide written information to your students while simultaneously assessing their understanding and knowledge. With this, you can assess your students’ ability to read and analyze extended quantities of information. This is commonly tested on state tests.

The opportunities with our Passage TEI are endless. ELA teachers love to use it to assign readings and boost students’ reading comprehension, writing, and synthesis skills. Many social studies teachers use it to give primary and secondary source readings and hone their students’ ability to comprehend and synthesize them. Furthermore, science teachers often use it to share scientific studies and bolster students’ ability to interpret the setup and results. 

This question type can be auto-graded, depending on the types of TEIs you embed next to the passage. Read about the passage type question below, or view all of the 50 question types Edulastic has to offer. 

Passage with Questions

What it is: This TEI allows you to embed a written passage of any length into Edulastic. Then, you can add questions next to it. The passage shows up on the left side of the screen; the question shows up on the right side of the screen. Students see each question on its own page and must flip through to answer each question one by one. 

How to use it:  This TEI is optimal to ask standalone questions directly next to a passage. You choose the type of TEI you’d like to embed. Get creative!

In addition, seeing each question one by one can allow students to feel less overwhelmed than seeing all questions at once. By separating questions onto individual pages, students can fully focus on providing one quality answer at a time. 

Passage Based Question Workshop

During this 30 minute workshop, you’ll get an overview of how to author this question type on Edulastic.

The Passage-Based question in Edulastic is great for providing information and asking associated questions. You choose the TEIs to go next to the passage.

Overall, this TEI offers an easy way for you to evaluate your students’ ability to digest extended quantities of information. These are essential skills for all subjects. Happy learning!

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