Edulastic for Math Leaders webinar
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Math department chairs, curriculum specialists, administrators, math leaders, and math coaches won’t want to miss this webinar!

We’ll be diving into how Edulastic can help drive math instruction in individual classrooms, full schools, or entire districts. From in-depth data to advanced math questions, there is lots to cover. Our three featured guests are math leaders, presenters, and have extensive experience guiding math teams and educators. They’ll provide insights and best practices into where they’ve found success with math instruction.

Edulastic for Math Leaders

Meet the Featured Presenters

math leaders barbara zingg

Barbara Zingg
HS Math/Computer Science Teacher
West Virginia

I am a fourth-generation teacher! This will be my 27th year in the classroom and I have taught everything from Kindergarten computers to Classic Film. My main focus is Math and this year I am adding AP Computer Science A. I hope to add AP Computer Science Principles next year. I have been married for 43 years to a retired SpEd teacher and have two grown sons. I am a lifetime learner and am always attending workshops, reading the latest research, and trying new things to hone my craft as a teacher and reach students in a way to help them be as excited about learning as I am!

math leaders rhonda kilgo

Rhonda Kilgo
Secondary Math Curriculum Specialist

Hi! I am a former middle school, high school, and college math teacher. I am currently the Secondary Math Curriculum Specialist for Rankin County in Mississippi. I am beginning my 24th year in education. My teachers and I love Edulastic. We have been using it for a few years now, and last year, we began using it to create a district item bank.

math leaders tina kelly

Tina Kelly
Math Department Chair

I am a 7th grade math teacher and math department head in Natick Massachusetts. I am an avid user of technology. I am currently in the dissertation phase of an education doctoral program. I am going into my 16th year of teaching!

Additional Resources

Math leadership involves supporting both teachers and students towards finding learning processes and tools that help them excel. In addition to this webinar, we encourage you to view how math teachers are using Edulastic to support mathematics teaching, problem solving, and guiding students through the conceptual understanding of the material within the curriculum.

If you enjoyed the math leaders webinar and the math teachers webinar (linked in the above paragraph), you may be interested in SparkMath, a new way to provide differentiated math practice to students. SparkMath keeps track of what students learned or mastered and provides suggestions of content to deliver next. Learn more about SparkMath and try it out with a free trial.

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