Edulastic’s Instructions question types can help give your students guidance in the beginning or middle of a test! These technology-enhanced items (TEIs) do not require students to input an answer. Rather, Instruction items are utilized for exactly what they sound like—instruction! For example, you can provide detailed directions before a high stakes test to mimic the directions students receive in standardized assessments.

Edulastic features two types of Instruction TEIs—Video and Text. Video items allow you to insert a video with a heading and summary. Text requires you to input written content for students to view. Because no student response is needed, you won’t have to worry about grading. 

Instruction type questions are versatile and can be utilized for all subjects and grade levels. Additionally, these items can be incorporated into assignments as a distance learning tool. With customizable text and video, you may add pre-recorded lessons or text to enhance your digital assignments.

Check out these items below, or view all of the 50 question items Edulastic has to offer.


What it is: Video items introduce concepts with a visual element; you may insert a video to preface questions with a supplemental tutorial or concept overview. Add a video by uploading your own file or embedding a Youtube video by adding its link!

How to use it: This question type is universally applicable to any grade or subject! The world is moving digital, and students love learning through video. You can easily embed instructional videos into Edulastic assignments to help your students understand new material, or review something before a quiz or test.  


What it is: Text instructions are simple and easy to use. Enter a heading and input your desired content. You may embed multimedia as well as special characters, math symbols, and tables. Note: Text items need to be created as part of a test—they cannot stand alone.

How to use it: These items can be used as a directions segment or a transition in an assignment for any grade or subject.  

Adding instructions to your Edulastic lessons is simple for you. More importantly, this is helpful for students and sets them up for success on a lesson, quiz, or test! Whether you’re teaching brand new information using Edulastic or simply want students to quickly review a concept before a quiz, instruction TEIs are here to help.  

Instruction question types provide supplemental information in your assessments. With options to upload your own videos or customize text, you can get creative with how you want to use these assessment enhancers! 

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