Recently I sat down with Edulastic Co-Founder Aditya Agarkar to chat about Edulastic Certified Assessments. These types of assessments are denoted by a little green triangle in the corner of the assessment image. You may have seen them in the assessment library.

They look like this:

Edulastic Certified Assessment

Whether you’ve seen them before or not, it’s worth taking a dive into what these assessments are all about. From the whats to the whose and hows, here is what you want to know about Edulastic Certified Assessments.


What is an Edulastic Certified Assessment?

Edulastic allows any teacher to author content and add to the library. An Edulastic Certified Assessment is an assessment that has been created by a user or organization that been reviewed for quality by the Edulastic team.


A handful of Edulastic Certified Assessments from authors such as NJ Model Curriculum Assessments and Engage NY.

Who writes them?

Some of the Edulastic Certified Authors are organizations you might recognize such as PARCC, Engage NY, NJ Model Curriculum Assessment, and Achieve the Core. Others are curriculum specialists who are experts in various topics such as math, science, ELA, etc.

Where do Edulastic Certified Questions come from?

Many states and state testing consortia, such as PARCC, release questions when a year has ended. Engage NY has released a lot of questions already. There are questions from open education resources also. The third big content source is authors that we have engaged. We tell them about areas that need content and they move through and deliver questions in those areas.

What is the process for creating Edulastic Certified Assessments?

The curriculum specialists design the assessment layout. Next they create the questions and check for accuracy. Then they check for standard alignment. (ex: 6th grade math – are they testing the right standards.) And finally, the questions go through approval and are published publicly online.

Questions from prior year standardized assessments and open sources are simply uploaded to Edulastic and released for public use.

Edulastic Certified Assessment Collection

What feedback do you get from teachers about Edulastic Certified content?

Teachers like the fact that it is trustworthy content. Traditionally open education resources don’t have too many tech-enhanced questions, however our mandate is that if we can create tech-enhanced questions, we will make sure to include them.


Can anyone become an Edulastic Certified Author?

An Edulastic Certified Author must be a subject expert with experience authoring for a publisher or consortium. They should be able to demonstrate that they have created good content in the past, and have a comfortable understanding of nationwide and statewide standards. If you are interested, you can reach out to us with why you are interested and examples of your work.

Any final thoughts about Edulastic Certified Assessments?

We encourage the mixing and matching of content even though people can use the full assessments. When teachers go in and customize the assessment for their students, they are able to personalize learning and make the assessment more relevant to their class curriculum.

Green Star

Access Edulastic Certified Assessments:

When you are logged into Edulastic and go to create an assessment from the Assessment Library you can choose to filter the assessments or questions on the left-hand menu. Click the blank space underneath “Collection” and a drop-down menu will appear. From there select “Edulastic Certified” and only those certified assessments will appear in your searches.