Distance learning requires a different approach to education. With the right resources, you can still connect with and support your students outside of the classroom.

We are committed to supporting educators with distance learning and helping every step of the way, from lesson creation to assessment delivery. We are always adding new features, articles, and lessons to help the learning and teaching continue from home.

If you’re brand new to Edulastic, check out how to use Edulastic for distance learning or tune into a live training. You’ll learn how to add your student roster, create and give learning tasks, and analyze the immediate data. Then, dive into the below resources to learn how to use Edulastic for remote instruction.

One of the wonderful things about Edulastic is that it’s great for both in the classroom and remote. That means that no matter what the year throws your way, you’ll be prepared for anything. Also, it means that without much additional work, you’ll have plenty of flexibility to support students in person and online if your school is adopting a hybrid in-person/remote model for instruction.

Distance Learning Assessment AND Lessons

For the optimal online instruction experience, it’s important to have the capacity to deliver all types of learning tasks. While Edulastic is traditionally optimal for assessment creation and delivery, the latest features make it just as great for lesson delivery.

Educators can deliver online lessons through Edulastic that are engaging and include student checks throughout the lessons. When crafting a lesson or assignment, you can insert instructions, video, audio, images, passages, and other content to guide students. Using the question items, you can give students prompts to respond to along the way.

If you have a Premium Teacher account you can mark the assignment as practice to later categorize it separate from graded assessments when looking at your reports. You can also craft and deliver distance learning curricula in units via our new feature, Playlists. Playlists give a place to deliver learning tasks, assessments, and attach learning resources for students. They contain their own insight reporting features so you can keep tabs on how students are progressing through the content.

Distance Learning Hub Resources:

As you continue to formulate and deliver this year’s instruction, make use of all the resources that are available to you. Explore articles, links, and tips on optimizing distance learning here:

eLearning Lessons: Premade and Ready to Assign for Distance Learning.

eLearning Lessons: Premade and Ready to Assign

Explore eLearning lessons on Edulastic and find engaging content that you can quickly and easily assign to your students.

How to create and deliver online lessons for distance learning.

How to Create and Deliver Online Lessons

This step-by-step guide will walk you through how to create engaging lessons in Edulastic.

4 powerful tools to create online lessons for distance learning.

4 Powerful Tools to Create Online Lessons

From designing quick assignments to creating full-length lessons, educators across the country have turned to Edulastic for online instruction. Learn about their favorite tools in Edulastic.

Virtual museum challenge for distance learning.

Virtual Museum Challenge

We challenge you to create a start to finish virtual learning lesson. Make it something your own students can use, then share it in the public library for students across the country.

Teacher Webinar: Tips for successful distance learning.

Webinar: Tips for Successful Distance Learning

We hosted a webinar on tips and tricks for successful distance learning. The featured presenters are experienced distance learning educators who share insights and knowledge on using Edulastic for remote instruction.

How to use Edulastic for Distance Learning

Check out this blog post for a 5 step summary of the tools in Edulastic that will help you excel with Distance Learning.

Distance Learning for Grades K-2

Instructors working with younger students won’t want to miss these 6 best practices.

Edulastic for Phones

To increase accessibility to education, our engineers made Edulastic compatible with smartphones.

Ready to dive into distance learning?