Over the last year we’ve been working hard to bring you big back-to-school updates for 2020. We are thrilled to announce what is coming to you from Edulastic to help you power instruction, no matter whether you are in school or teaching remote this year. We are rolling out new updates for free-forever Edulastic accounts as well as updates specific for Premium and Enterprise customers

The new updates for everyone include resources and tools to better check student knowledge. Sign up for an online training webinar to get a live overview of what’s new, or read on to get an idea of what everyone can look forward to accessing this year.

Edulastic Updates for Back-to-School 2020

1. Free Math and ELA Diagnostic Assessments

Do a knowledge check to find out where students are at the start of the year.

The Edulastic Certified Library, free to all users, now hosts diagnostic screening assessments for Math and ELA for grades 3-12.  Both sets of screening tools are designed to be given at the beginning of the upcoming school year to assess the knowledge that was retained from the prior year.  

The Math screeners are based on domain and grade level. This gives teachers the flexibility to highlight priority skills from the previous year.  Teachers can administer one large diagnostic assessment with questions from all domains, or stagger smaller domain-specific assessments based on the areas of greatest importance.

The ELA screeners are based on the previous year’s reading comprehension, language and writing skills. These assessments range from 15-20 questions each and include fiction and non-fiction passages as well as grammar and vocabulary.

Choose from over 50 question types so you can improve student engagement and ask better questions.

2. Over 51 Question Types

Ask better questions with technology-enhanced item types that pin-point your ask.

For those of you who need a more robust way to ask your question, we got your back. Our product engineers have developed and improved our item type options. Included in the 50+ question items are graphing question types(Alg II graphing) and advanced math items which means more power to you and your students. Now you can also pile on any item type to a multipart widget. More question types give you the power to ask better questions and uplevel student engagement.

3. Edit and Regrade

Make an adjustment when needed.

See a mistake in a test or need to remove an item from an assignment? Even if it’s already assigned, you can now go in and edit or remove any item from the test. The test or assignment will regrade and update for all students who took or are taking the test. 

4. Student View

Add a Co-Teacher (Upper-right corner) or peer into a student account by clicking on the “mask” icon.

In case you need to check to see what’s happening in a student account, use Student View.

Peer into the account of a student with Student View. Access the option on the class management page by clicking on the “mask” icon on the right side of the student list. This can help teachers troubleshoot if a student claims they are having issues with their account, or simply see if a student is getting the assessments. This is especially helpful during distance learning when you can’t simply walk over to a student’s desk to check in on things.

5. Co-Teachers

Share student reports with your co-teacher.

When collaboration is key, you can add a co-teacher to allow your colleague to see student reports and results. This makes it easier to work with your colleagues and review how students are doing so you can work together to best support your students.

6. Better, Sleek Look

The cleaner, smoother, interface makes Edulastic a better online learning place.

With the new features and updates, come an improved, fresh look. While the layout and basics of Edulastic works are essentially the same, we’ve improved the style and flow for a better experience. 

Edulastic updates are driven by the feedback we hear from teachers. We continuously work with our customers and teacher community to learn about how we can make Edulastic even better. Learn about updates for Premium and Enterprise customers here

We are gradually rolling everyone over to the new updates over the next several weeks. If not already, very soon you’ll be able to see and enjoy these updates for yourself! 

At Edulastic we are proud to offer a robust free product for teachers everywhere. We are aware that there is a lot of ongoing uncertainty about whether school will be in person or online this year. With Edulastic on your side you can rest assured that you’ll be able to feel prepared for instruction no matter whether in-person or distance learning will take place. We are here to support teachers and hope you enjoy the new features! 

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