EOG Tests and How Practice Tests Help Students to Prepare for Exams

In order to pass an exam, sufficient practice is critical to guarantee good results. When preparing for exams, students tend to be anxious not knowing what lies ahead of them. However, practice tests have made it easier for students to do regular assessments in preparation for the final exam.

What is NC EOG Test?

NC EOG means North Carolina End-of-Grade Test. EOG test is a standardized test that is administered in North Carolina for Grade 3 to Grade 8 students. All students in North Carolina public, private and charter schools are required to sit for NC EOG tests. Grade 3-8 students sit for NC EOG Math test and NC EOG Reading test. Grade 4, 7 and 10 sit for North Carolina Writing Assessment, while Grade 5 and Grade 8 students sit for NG EOG Science test.

Overview of NC EOG Tests

NC End-of-Grade assessments are administered in line with North Carolina State Standards that specify what students at each grade should cover during the academic year. The aim of the tests is to verify whether students are meeting academic expectations at each grade level. All students from Grade 8 are also expected to sit and pass the North Carolina Test of Computing Skills in order to graduate.
Results of the EOG test are used to provide critical data that is useful to parents, teachers and students. Using the results, teachers can identify areas that need attention and make the necessary adjustments in order improve performance in Math, Reading, Writing, Science and other subjects. The North Carolina Testing Program also relies on information from NC EOG and NC EOC (North Carolina End-of-Course tests for high school students).

NC EOG Testing Schedule

Just like other statewide assessments across the United States, there’s an annual timetable for NC EOG tests. Typically, NC EOG tests take place at the end of the school year between May and June. Each school has its internal test calendar so long as the tests are done within the stipulated state testing window. Testing time varies according to the subject and grade tested. For example, EOG Reading Test time is 140 minutes to a maximum of 240 minutes.

Types of Questions in NC EOG Assessments

Despite the subject being tested and the grade of students sitting for the exam, NC EOG tests consist of the following types of questions.
  • Extended Constructed Response Items
  • Constructed Response Items
  • Multiple Choice or Selected Response questions
  • Multi Select or Two Part Questions

Preparing for North Carolina End-of-Grade Tests

North Carolina end-of-grade test preparation requires adequate preparation in order to be aware of what is likely to be tested during the main exam. There are numerous practice tests that students can do in order to excel during their exams. Edulastic is a good platform that provides students with complete online access to various tests and resources for different subjects. Both students and teachers can access the system at any time and come up with a structured learning approach.
Online platforms such as Edulastic allow students to receive instant feedback which helps to boost their confidence as they are able to do various practice tests, get their results and understand their capabilities. Edulastic is available 24/7 can be accessed by teachers and students at any time. When done on a regular basis, practice NC EOG Test platforms help students to acquaint themselves with the format and technology used during the end-of-grade exam.
When students frequently sit for practice assessments, they learn important tech skills such as keyboarding which involves understanding the use of keyboard commands to perform various tasks. In addition, other skills needed for online exams that students can learn include; drag and drop, filling of tables and use of online calculators among others. Furthermore, when students sit for EOG test practice assessments, they’re exposed to the use of various devices which are used during the real exam. Doing this enables them to get used to working using the gadgets and understand simple troubleshooting skills.

Instructional Topics or Subjects to Cover

There are specific subject areas that teachers need to cover during the year to prepare students for annual NC EOG tests. Topics to cover for Math EOG Test include; Geometry, Measurement, Numbers and Operation and Algebra. Subject areas to cover for EOG Reading assessment include Poetry, Fiction and Non-fiction among others. On the other hand, some of the Science topics to cover are Weather, Environment, Landforms and Forces and Motion.